Spring wedding colours: inspiration for your flowers, bridesmaid dresses and wedding suits

Spring is all about new beginnings — the perfect season for your wedding, marking the start of a new chapter with your partner. So how can you insert the feeling of Spring into your wedding theme? It all starts with colours, delightful pastels, delicate lilacs and fresh sage greens. Let’s explore how these Springtime tones can elevate your wedding design through your selection of flowers and wedding attire.

Beautiful blooms

Spring flowers allow you to create romantic bridal bouquets in perfectly pastel tones. Firm favourites include ever-popular blue, pink and purple forget-me-nots as well as tulips in their multitude of hues. To add that extra flourish, try highly scented flowers, such as peach freesia, china blue hyacinths, cream-coloured lily of the valley and pastel purple sweet pea. 


Other popular spring wedding blooms include anemones, peonies, muscari, narcissi and ranunculus.


Elegant hues for your bridesmaids

When it comes to capturing the joy of Spring in your bridesmaid dresses, two of the most popular colours are sage green and powder blue — both light, fresh and eternally bound up with the soft sunshine of Spring. 


For fans of more verdant tones, avocado green works a charm for both Spring and Summer, while emerald green is bold and lively. 


Moving onto warmer hues, dusty rose is a classically romantic Spring colour, while lavender has long symbolised devotion and love with its pinkish-purple hue. 

Gorgeous tones for your groom

Once again, sage green and powder blue take the lead, this time with Spring wedding suits. These muted tones offer a sophisticated, modern look that embraces the season. Both work well paired with floral print accessories; think ties, pocket squares and waistcoats. 


While muted tones dominate Spring wedding suits, navy blue continues to be a classic look, whether as a standout colour or as a contrast colour. 


Finally, don’t forget to pair your suit with your buttonhole. Look to your bridal bouquets for inspiration. Consider cream ranunculus paired with evergreen pittosporum foliage, blue-pink camellias set alongside clean, white jasmine, blush pink keira rose and lilac, the options are endless. 

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