Why every brides needs her bridesmaids

It’s going to be one of the most important, beautiful days of your life. But if you’re going to make it to your wedding day without having a meltdown, you’re going to need your bridesmaids. Bridesmaids will have your back but there’s a whole lot more to this wonderful tradition that makes having bridesmaids worthwhile. Here are 5 more great reasons: 

For inspiration and insights

From chic to glamorous, bohemian to modern, vintage to alternative, indoors or outdoors, the choices are overwhelming when it comes to your wedding theme. It’s easy to get stuck. But not when you’ve got your bridesmaids on hand to help you get to the heart of what you want. From helpful suggestions to practical advice, they know you best and will help you plan the perfect wedding. 

For smooth sailing

There are countless moving parts to a wedding, from catering and flowers to the tiniest of details, such as place cards. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, even on your big day when everything is already set. But that’s where your bridesmaids-come-support-group can help. They’ll be the voice of reason when you start to panic and the calming influence when anxiety rises.

For the perfect look

With your dream wedding dress chosen (no doubt with the help of your bridesmaids), your look will be completed with your bridal party beside you looking stunning too. Bridesmaid dresses can enhance your own wedding dress and add to the wow factor of your wedding theme.

For fun times

For that last hurrah before you become ‘the wife’, your bridesmaids are there to see you off in style with a fun-filled hen do. No planning to do. No decisions to make. Your bridesmaids will take care of it all and because they know you so well, it’s certain to be a great night out.

For cherished memories

Looking back at your big day, it may all feel like it went by so quickly. But your bridesmaids will be there to reminisce with you and bring that perfect day back to life. Together you’ll all capture a moment in time that will bind you together for years to come. 





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