Pageboy Measurements Form

If you are struggling to measure yourself please have a look at our ‘Sizing Help’ page for helpful tips

Important: Please note the sizes given for chest and waist measurements need to be given to the nearest even number. Shirts can be provided in half sizes. Inside leg measurements should be rounded up/down as preferred to the nearest whole number. Once sizes have been ordered any changes should be put in writing to Bridal Apparel Leeds no later than 6 weeks prior to the wedding. Once the garments have been sent out to the shop there will be a charge to change sizes.


Contact Number
Wedding Date
Wedding Party Name
Please provide the forename and surname of the Groom
Please measure across the widest part of chest in inches.
Please measure narrowest part of waist just below navel in inches.
Inside Leg
Please measure, in inches, from the crutch down to the bottom of your heel without a shoe on.
Please make sure the size you send is comfortable when fastened
Please measure, in inches, from the tip of shoulder down to just below the wrist bone.
Shoe Size (if applicable)
Tophat (if applicable)
Please measure, in cm's, all the way around the head just above the ears
Comments ?
Please provide us with any information you feel we would find helpful when ordering your sizes. Thank you