Preferred Suppliers

We work closely with some brilliant suppliers and we invite you to contact them for help and advice. They are all experts in their field and will make your experience stress free and enjoyable.


Britannia Hotel, Bramhope

Chevin Lodge, Otley (Contact Vicky)

The Priests House, Bolton Abbey (Contact Debbie)

Wood Hall, Linton

Boutipi, (Contact Sam or Michelle)


Wedding Rings:

Craven Jewellers, Yeadon (Contact Malcolm)


Natasha Coustol, 07437 010 154 ( Contact Natasha)

Wedding Car Valeters:

SWJ Autocare, Guiseley (Contact Sam)


Red Hair, Yeadon (Contact Kevin)

Wedding Music:

Jonny Ross Music, Yorkshire (Contact Jonny)


Mark Waddington Magician, Yorkshire (Contact Mark)

JonathanPaul Magician , Yorkshire (Contact Jonathan)

Venue Stylist:

Something Borrowed Venue Styling, Yorkshire (Contact Anna)